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My name is Emma and I am the Designer/Founder of EmEq belts. In June 2022, I started  making these fun, unique, and trendy elastic belts for myself and friends at my barn. I wanted an equestrian-inspired, adjustable belt in patterns and colors that  I could match to my riding outfits so I decided to create my own!  Other equestrians love these belts because they fit perfectly in most breeches, come in fun colors and patterns, and are adjustable.  We all love having a stylish yet durable belt to pair with riding outfits.  It has been an amazing journey this past year building my own business and acquiring my first horse, Jagger.  I am truly grateful to be selling these belts in Dover Saddlery and other fine tack shops.  I hope that you will love these belts too! 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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